Virtual Online Webinar on Keio KGRI/CCRC, Keio University Japan

The Multilateral Cybersecurity Action Committee (MCAC): MCAC-Japan Workshop and Launching Announcement
21 July 2021 (Wed), 8:00 – 10:00 pm JST / 7:00 – 9:00 am US EDT

This Workshop will be part of international Webinar series, focusing on the actions proposed by Multilateral Cybersecurity Action Committee (MCAC).
In this event, the international leaders will shed light on the collaborative and individual actions from like-minded countries and industries.
For example, the known plans such as the U.S. Solarium Report and the recent American Presidential Executive Orders, the European proposals for directives on network and information systems security and the resilience of critical entities, and the creation of a Japanese Digital Agency have been in the right directions.

To address new sophisticated cyber-attacks to such as Solar Winds, Microsoft Email, Colonial Pipeline, Ireland Health Care System, our urgent, sustained, concerted international actions are required.
The MCAC proposals include but not limited to fundamental coordinated efforts involving public and private actions internationally.


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