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C2C (Country 2 Country) CTF 2023

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The INCS-CoE is implementing its 2020 plan for international Capture The Flag (CTF) events for students at member universities, entitled Country-to-Country CTF (C2C-CTF). In August 2023, Keio University hosted the first in-person C2C-CTF

United States

Northeastern University
Virginia Tech


United Kingdom

Imperial College London
Royal Holloway University of London
University of Cambridge

Queen’s University Belfast
University of Surrey

(Charter Members listed in bold)


Keio University
Kyushu University


University of Limoges


Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Edith Cowan University


University of Porto

What is INCS-CoE?

INCS-CoE started as an umbrella organisation, facilitating to generate individual projects, providing the value for the government-industry-academia where one organisation nor one country can accomplish the cybersecurity goals of international collaborating each other. Main pillars of the activities are: 1) Research, 2) Policy, and 3) Education and Training: “Tiger Teams” can drive creating the individual projects to address internationally pressing issues.

The outcomes of the activities will be international joint research projects and the best practices, publishing white papers and statements, and creating student competition such as Capture the Flag (CTF), exchanging students and faculty members, and generate more international degrees and certificates, funded by joint government schemes and industry contributions. Also, the outcomes are shared with Working Group meetings and International Symposia.

The INCSCoE is bringing together an international group of universities

pioneering effort to advance international collaboration, recognizing that a single nation-state or a single organization will not be able to solve the problems posed by growing



The Vision of INCS-CoE is to work together in a multi-stakeholder environment within a Government-Industry-Academia partnership, starting with three founding countries, US, UK, and Japan, then expanding the environment for ambitious international collaboration to achieve positive real-world impact.



The Mission of INCS-CoE is to pioneer efforts worldwide to address challenges created by the growing borderless digital society. Understanding that a single nation-state or one organization will not be able to solve the challenges on its own, the INCS-CoE will start with universities and grow to an academic-government-private collaboration.

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