The series of the International Cybersecurity Symposia are strongly supported by the efforts of INCS-CoE.  Here are some recent symposia:

Symposia at Keio University, Mita Campus, Tokyo, Japan

1st : 29 February 2016

Keio University Cybersecurity Research Center Launching Celebration Event:

“International Cybersecurity Symposium”

– Critical Infrastructure Protection towards 2020Tokyo

2nd: 17 May 2016

“Solutions for 2020 and Beyond: A Spotlight Series on Cutting Edge Collaboration Between Japan and the United States”

3rd: 1-2 November 2016

Borderless Cyber, Asia 2016: “An International Conference on Cyber Threat Intelligence: Information Sharing Strategies, Tactics and Practice”

4th: 2-3 March 2017

“Cybersecurity: Preparing the Workforce”

Hosted by Keio University & Sasakawa USA

5th: 5 October 2017

“Cyber3 Conference Tokyo”

6th: 28 – 30 March 2018

“Cybersecurity: Corporate Decision-making to Prepare Trusted Global Supply Chain”

7th: 28 – 29 November 2018

“Cybersecurity: Are You Ready for 2020 Olympics? – Trusted Environment Going Forward”

Since the inception, INCS-CoE has been the backbone of the International Cybersecurity Symposia series since 2016.  Continuous supports are from governments, industry, and academia from the US, UK, Israel, EU, Australia, and Japan (some selected VIP to come to the Symposium in the past are below)