“Cybersecurity: Trusted Digital Society for Multilateral Economy”

Trust Services, which we started to discuss at our last Symposium in July, are expanding more globally, while people started to talk more about digital data flow requiring crossing borders safely and trusted.
This symposium will further expand exploring “multilateral” aspects in Trust Services with Cybersecurity among countries including US, UK, EU, Australia, Israel, and Japan. More specific topics include: how internationally data free trade with trust (DFFT) for digital economy among nations and regions are mutually trusted, how US, EU, and Japan address the standards on IoT and 5G, how mutually digital economic schemes are trusted among US, EU, and Japan, how the government related data among nation-states can be trusted, and continuously Global Supply Chain and Society 5.0 with AI, Big Data, and IoT. We continue the international educational aspects including Captured the Flag (CTF).
The first day will be all plenary throughout the day with series of speeches and keynotes and panel discussions, featuring the directions of key countries and key subjects. The second day will start with Keynote Panel, then, parallel sessions, diving into more in-depth sessions on a range of topics from best practices in global supply chain, international exercise, Japan’s directions, research items shared by the INCS-CoE partners, and more.
We are expanding the global community in addition to the familiar faces to foster these important topics with Cybersecurity. Please come to join us continuously for exciting discussions in the at-home atmosphere.

program details