“Cybersecurity: Trust Services for Cross-Border Digital Economy”
While Cybersecurity has been discussed in various levels, the other sides of the token, Trust Services, are discussed more widely and often today. At the same time, economic activities are already crossing border digitally without waiting our readiness. In our daily lives, Trust Services should be based on our trust of human-being by adopting new dimensions in cyber space. Our questions are how we can adopt the “Trust” in the various level including technology, operation, and policy.

This symposium will explore new developments in Trusted Services, which provide a safe and secure environment for cyber space, continuously discussing Society 5.0 and Global Supply Chain with AI, Big Data, and IoT for an international cross-border digital economy. The experts and stakeholders are gathering from government, industry, and academia around the world including U.S., UK, Israel, EU, Australia, and Japan.

On each of the 2 days, we have plenary sessions with keynote speeches, keynote panel sessions, and parallel sessions with in-depth panel discussions on topics of international use-cases, Japan’s directions, international aspects by each of the participating countries, industry, and academia who are top-notch speakers in the world.

We are further expanding the global community in addition to the familiar faces to foster this important topic. Please come to join us continuously for exciting discussions in the at-home atmosphere.

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