Queen’s University Belfast has joined the International Cyber Security Center of Excellence as a Core Member.   

The International Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE) is delighted to welcome Queen’s University Belfast as a Core Member and its first from Northern Ireland. Queen’s University is committed to cybersecurity research and collaboration, and houses the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), one of the UK’s leading Innovation and Knowledge Centres for cyber security. CSIT was founded in 2009 with an ambitious mission to couple major research breakthroughs in the field of secure connected intelligence with a unique model of innovation and commercialisation to drive economic and societal impact. Professor Máire O’Neill, Director of CSIT, will join the INCS-CoE governing Board as the representative for Queen’s University Belfast.

Professor Keith Mayes, Chairman of INCS-CoE, stated:

“INCS-CoE is a great vehicle for promoting international collaboration and friendship in the field of cyber security. INCS-CoE can only maximise its impact by involving respected institutions that combine academic excellence and ethical behaviour, with an energy to engage with industry and government. I consider Queen’s University Belfast to be a great addition to the INCS-CoE family and look forward to working with Professor Máire O’Neill and her colleagues.”

Professor Maire O’Neill, Director of CSIT at Queen’s University Belfast, commented:

“We are delighted to join the INCS-CoE board and work alongside the world’s leading centers of excellence in the field of cyber security. We look forward to contributing to and further developing the group’s research roadmap in areas such as Secure Connected Devices, Networked Systems & Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security and Security Intelligence, as well as sharing our testbed facilities and cyber range to maximize global impact.”


The Vision of INCS-CoE is to work together in a multi-stakeholder environment within a Government-Industry-Academia partnership, starting with three founding countries, US, UK, and Japan, then expanding the environment for ambitious international collaboration to achieve positive real-world impact. The Mission of INCS-CoE is to pioneer efforts worldwide to address cyber security challenges created by the growing borderless digital society. Understanding that a single nation-state or one organization will not be able to solve the challenges on its own, the INCS-CoE started with university cooperation and is growing into a broader government-industry-academia collaboration. INCS-CoE international collaboration targets education, research, policy, standards and regulation, international symposia, workshops and meetings.